.308/30 Cal. Nosler Solid Base Bullets

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    Jun 18, 2008
    Nosler Solid Base Bullets
    For sale.Factory first and factory sealed,Nosler Solid Base,lead points,not ballistic tip bullets.I have two boxes of
    .308/30 Cal. 180gr Spitzer 50/per box
    $18.00 per box shipped in the USA only



    1. The tapered jacket ruptures instantly and curls uniformly outward even at the lower velocities of longer ranges.
    2. The lead alloy core is form-fitted to the core cavity to eliminate possible imbalance and erratic flight caused by air pockets.
    3. The solid base maintains its shape and dimensions under the powerful firing pressures of heavy magnums. It also supports the expanded mushroom shape for deeper penetration.
    4. The Solid Base’s® boat-tail design improves flight characteristics by providing higher ballistic coefficient values than a straight-heeled bullet.
    5. *Not for use in tubular magazines*
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