300 Win Mag Ammo

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    Feb 10, 2009
    {SPF}I have 125 pcs of 300 win mag ammo,100 pcs assembled on new winchester brass and remainder on mixed it is 72 gr. of H-4831 with Hornady 180 gr. SP bullets and winchester mag primers and thepowder charges were weighed in with a digital scale,I assembled this ammo for me and then ended up getting a 338 win mag instead,I have been loading ammo for 36 years with great attention to detail and I know that my ammo will shoot with as good a consistancy as any you will buy at the store,I would trade this ammo for 338 win mag ammo or maybe 7x57 ammo or who knows or I would sell at a reasonable price by the 20 pcs. lott or the whole lott of 125........{SPF}.....lightbulb
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