300 ultra mag load

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    Jan 26, 2011
    Hand a custom ammo loaded for my rifle due to not having time my self to do so, they found a very accurate load , they only do 3 shot group during load development . This is the load they found with my gun , 180 GR Barnes XXX 93 grains of IMR 7828 reminton case ,federal 215 primer 3.60" coal . 3440 FPS . They did two 3 shot groups that they gave measured .44 and .45 , this great accuracy for a pretty much stock gun , 300 remington SPS with a hoag stock 26" barrel with a muzzle brake MG arms install , Teflon coated , with a Timmy trigger . My question is this seams to be a Hot load. I use this gun for hunting ,not for targets this gun to date has only about 200 guess ,not sure of previous owners count down the tube , I had posted early that I sent it to them because accuracy had went bad , well 1 1/2 at 100 yards , does any one else have a load they use with this kind of FPS I do trust the loader, but am concerned about barrel life , DON'T USE THIS LOAD DATA ! lightbulb
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