.30 cal. (.308) 150-gr. and 180-gr. WINCHESTER FAIL SAFES (a.k.a. BLACK TALONS)

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    Sep 18, 2010
    These FAIL SAFES are hard to get.
    They are also known as BLACK TALONS. :cool:



    Designed to provide hunters of any big game with deep penetration and high bullet weight retention. Dual chamber lead-free hollow point configuration expands rapidly and resists fragmentation. Rear of bullet is a hard lead alloy, encased in a thick jacket and reinforced with a steel cup and heel enclosure. These bullets are coated with a molybdenum disulfide-based compound that reduces friction and makes bore cleaning easier.

    WINCHESTER and NOSLER got together on this bullet design.
    The boxes even say "Combined Technology" on them.

    .30 cal. (.308) 150-gr. and 180-gr. WINCHESTER Fail Safes

    One box each of 50-ct. left.

    $30-each + $5.80 S/H = $35.80

    All two for $60 + $5.80 S/H = $65.80

    Both boxes can fit in one $5.80 US Mail Priority flat rate box.

    Cashiers checks - PO money orders -
    PayPal add 3% on total. (= $67.75)


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