2nd bird down! great season

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    Apr 12, 2012
    went out this morn ,, wind was horrible didnt have much faith .heard 2 gobble down about 200yards from where I expected them to be ...I took off ..got close and called again ..1 gobble ..sat for ten mins nothing ..I got up and went toward em a bit and was in a small creek bed looking up at edge of small field and there they were ..80yards 4 big fans blowed up puttin on a show ...I called and 1 gobbled ..then I saw the hens ..there were 4 toms , 1 jake and 5-6 hens ,, this bird was whipping the other 3 everytime they got close to the biggest hen , and I watched them dance for 30 mins , they wasnt budging so I made my move ..crawled back down ditch and went left 10yards ..then army crawled up the ridge about 40 yards and got a log and brushpile in front of me ..I got to edge and raised up slow and they were there about 50 yards ..still struttin and showing off ..I didnt wanna shoot that far after my miss monday but had a perfect clear shot and a rest so I I steadied up and put the gobbledots on his head and shot ..DRT ....
    1 inch spurs
    10in beard
    big ol jellyhead!
    I had a awesome season thank you lord ...now Im gonna try putting my dad and a few buddies on some birds...good luck everyone else !