.270 Winchester Hodgdon Hybrid 100V/130gr

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    Mar 9, 2011
    Hello all:),
    I'm new to this forum and I have some information to share about my recent experience with this cartridge & powder combination. I used a F1 Shooting Chrony to verify the feet per second (Set a ways away from the muzzle @ 30 feet). I sighted in my scope while I was chronographing the cartridge loads.
    The Savage Edge(Now the Axis model) in .270 Winchester/ 22" barrel/UTG Bipod/Mueller 3-10x44IGR 1/8"MOA riflescope were my tools of choice.
    Powder=Hodgdon Hybrid 100V @ 55.0 Grains *56 grains is Hodgdons MAX load*
    Brass =Winchester .270 - Primers(2) =CCI BR-2 (Benchrest) & WLR (Winchester) -
    Bullet =Sierra .277 130gr. SBT #1820/BC .436 @ 2800 fps and above
    COL/Case Overall Length =3.290 inches
    >8 shots fired for effect per each primer brand & Cases fire formed & neck sized only<
    8 shots: CCI BR-2 = 2980 FPS/.650 Grouping <--(Last 3 shots)
    8 shots: WLR = 3050 FPS/.600 Grouping <--(Last 3 shots)

    My data/my website-*Your results may vary from mine;Start with minimum load*


    My 267.00 Wally World Tack Drivergun)
    ~Ballistic Table for 300Yd Zero~
    .5 grains powder increase/case length extended/brass change/ results.....

    Test 2- with the Hodgdon Hybrid 100V-Stepped up the powder charge .5 grains....gave approximately 50FPS increase=Not bad

    Bullet Information:

    Bullet Weight: 130 Grains
    Nose Profile: SP
    Type: Jacketed
    Base: BT
    Diameter: .277 Inches
    Manufacturer: Sierra Game king #1820
    Load Information:
    Powder: Hodgdon Hybrid 100V
    >Charge Weight: 55.5 Grains *56.0 Grains is Hodgdons MAX Load*
    Primer: WLR Winchester
    >Brass Manufacturer: Remington
    Trim Length: 2.530 Inches
    >C.O.L. 3.300 Inches
    Velocity: 3092 Feet Per Second (8 shot avg off the Chrony)
    Extreme Spread: 22 FPS
    Accuracy: .600 Inch Group Diameter (8 shots taken/6 shots grouped well_The Other 2-Cough;Fliers....Well,I had coffee(1 1/4")[​IMG]
    Temperature: 56 Degrees Fahrenheit
    Pressure: Average
    > Denotes changes made with this cartridge(55.5gr) loading compared to my original (55.0gr) load post above.

    F1 Shooting Chrony used for FPS, setup at 20 feet from the muzzle. Savage Edge,22" barrel,Bipod. Brass fire formed and neck collet sized/Factory Crimped only (LEE Die).

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    Dec 18, 2008
    Post is a bit old but I tried out Hodgdon Hybrid 100 in a Savage 110 in 270.

    Savage 110
    24" Stainless Savage Magnum Contour Barrel
    Walnut Stock
    Leupold VX-2 3-12x50 Scope
    54gr H100V
    New Remington Brass
    Federal 210M Primer
    130gr Nosler Ballistic Tip OAL=3.350"

    8 Shots=.68" Considering I was shooting off a rest on my truck hood in the wind I will take it!

    Just finished building this one. Found a flat-rear Savage at gun shop in North Carolina while on a trip. Pulled the 7mm mag barrel and got a stainless barrel that came from the Savage custom shop. Refiished an older Turkish walnut stock and put it all together.