.270 Win 110 grain loads?

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  1. Greycat

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    Jul 31, 2008
    Hello the fire!
    Any shooters out there tried this calibers and bullet weight for coyotes? Finances are limited, so I'm going to try the Encore for one of the 14 sunbathing coyotes I saw 2 days ago.
  2. royinidaho

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    Jan 20, 2004
    Back in the "day" I worked up a load for the 110 gr Sierra in a 26" Douglas barrel - Mauser action rifle in 270 Win.

    I got it going very nearly 3400 FPS w/56 to 61 gr of IMR 4350.

    I found that recoil was sufficient to miss a significant number of rock chuck shots. This was before bipods.

    I went back to the Sierra 90 gr bullets @ 3400 FPS W/54 gr of IMR 4895.

    They worked out standing. Many chucks, many yotes.

    Was super out to 420 yds which must be where the itty bitty parachute opened and it fell like a rock.

    The little 90 gr bullet was a good thing for a one rifle shooter.

    Good luck on those napping yotes

  3. MontanaRifleman

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    May 21, 2008
    Barnes advertises 3430 fps with 59 gr of H4350 out of 24" barrel. Sweet...
  4. jjmp

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    Dec 4, 2007
    my friend has an Encore in 28 inch flutted factory barrel,his shoots great with speers 90 tnts and imr 4350, we shot this bullet to 625 yards and it was very accurate in his 270 wcf of course.regards jjmp
  5. silvertip-co

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    Jun 20, 2007
    Also kinda curious here about 270 with light bullets for varmints. I got this wild idea that I can shoot eveything I hunt with a 270, and altho I have one... I am looking for a lefty one with 24" or 26" bbl. I guess I could use 140 and 150 for moose bear, 130 for elk mule deer lopes, and 110's or less for varmints maybe. Or something like that. I got rifles piled up here at home like cordwood and am thinking of selling off as I am nearing retirement and focussing on one calibre for everything to make my riflelife easier. Wife's still in the 30-06 mode so I'd probably need two 270 rifles.
  6. Derek M.

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    Jul 12, 2004
    I have sent you a PM.
  7. p67

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    May 10, 2009
    Hi. Im new here but have posted threads on this topic on a few occations on other forums.

    My 2 cents.

    Im from NZ. I hunt mainly red deer, which are medium sized deer I guess you could say.

    Ive used mainly 130gn Noslers throughout BUT have tried some others. Ive shot a lot of deer btw.

    Lately I have discovered the 110gn Barnes TSX. Havent given them a crack on deer yet but cant see any problems.

    For what its worth you may be interested in the load I found.

    Rifle is a .270WIN Browning LongTrac. Scope Swaro 3-12x50.



    57.5gn H4350. 0.050" off the lands. Thats a 3shot 1.1" group. If I can end up with a 5shot 1.5" group I will be more than happy.

    Quite happy with this to start with.

    The hotter loads @ 59.0 and 59.5 left extractor marks on the case head. Primers seemed a little too flat for my liking. They shot a bit bigger than this group also.
    Case head of the 57.5gn load

    I didn't go lower than 57.5gn. That was just a start figure I picked out of thin air. I will work on some between the 57.0 - 58.0gn range in .3gn segments. [ending 57.9gn]. Barnes reloading data suggests 56-59gn of this powder. So Im in the right area.

    Considering I have never had any luck with Barnes before I consider this pretty good. Particularity out of a semi auto.


    I tried a few more 3 shot groups either side of the 57.5gn grouping which previously gave me the best group.

    I found that there is a small sweet spot with these bullets. Is that a common theme? Lighter loads gave groups up to 4" (0.6gn less than the 57.5gn load).

    There was another cluster of loads from 58.5-59.5 that all landed in the same area i.e the center of the groups was common. Group size in total was 1.7" for all 9 shots. That might be the optimum loading (59.0gn?).

    For now, I will settle on 57.5gn. Shot another 1.1" group with this load to match the previous round.

    FPS=3250fps. (my current fav load using 130gn Nosler BT does 2950,)

    I am using a new scope which is taking some getting used to and shooting prone btw. The Swaro scope is nice for hunting but with the reticle in the first plane it doesnt make for an ideal target scope.
    Pic of new rig


    Ballistics chart of load below. (near enough anyway). My max range would be 300yds.


    All that aside, I am happy with the results.It is a semi auto after all.
  8. Gene Jr.

    Gene Jr. Well-Known Member

    Feb 6, 2009
    I've played with every imaginable 270 win load out there 90-150 gr. The 90-110 gr pills make for some fun novelty loads (IMO) and would make for very dead coyotes. I had settled on 130 NBT for everything up to whitetails. When I decided to go for caribou several years ago I loaded some 140 NAB, they are now my go to load for everything. I've had such good results with H4831 and H4831SC that I've never tried much else. I do remember using other powders for the lighter bullets though. I used to have an AWSOME reduced load for the 90gr hollow point, but that's another topic.

    I now enjoy having one load that will do everything very well. The 140 NAB has made a real believer out of me!

  9. 270VARMINT

    270VARMINT Well-Known Member

    May 11, 2009
    What you wanting from the bullet? Are you concerned about pelts? i have a savage model 111 in 270 win and have shot 110 v-maxs at coyotes along with 130sst's. The 110 will destroy and shoulder with minimun penatration and the 130 sst will simply leave a large exit hole if not connecting with heavy bone, but put them in the dirt quick!
    Just my observation?
  10. j_22250

    j_22250 Well-Known Member

    Nov 25, 2007
    i say load up some 130gr sierra bthp or spbt and go to town. wouldn't hesitate to use either 1 on coyotes or deer.
  11. kiwiwildcat

    kiwiwildcat Member

    Mar 3, 2008

    I shoot 110gr GS Custom HV's out of my .270 Winchester Blaser R93.
    GS Custom are a boutique projectile made in South Africa and basically a monometal hollow point copper bullet. They are individually turned on a state of the art CNC lathe and one very important feature is that they are a bore rider, the important benefit of this being lower pressures to drive down the bore, plus better gas sealing of the bore. You can usually get an extra 200fps easily over a conventional projectile of the same weight. Click on this link:


    This is the best group shot to date at 100 yards, and my rifle is a consistent 1/2 moa or better. I am using Winchester 760. 63grs gives me 3455fps from a 22 inch barrel.

    This is a very flat shooting load. At 100yards it is 2.93 inches high, zero's at 312yards and 8 inches low at 400 yards.

    I have shot pigs, goats and deer with these bullets and they give the same consistent result - the animal drops in its tracks.

    The B.C of these 110gr GS Custom HV's is .377, the same as the Barnes tipped TSX 110gr.



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  12. nvawildfire

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    May 13, 2013
    I see by the dates this is a little old but I was looking for data to load a 270 with 110gr BTHPs. I wanted to use my IRM4895 but cannot find a load or data. I would appreciate anything someone might have.

  13. Railroader82

    Railroader82 Well-Known Member

    Apr 6, 2013
    Nice groups out of that 270 longtrac! I've got the safari mark2 in 270. It shoots pretty good. For some reason it really likes the cheap factory 130 grain Win power points. I'd love to load for it. 110 grain sounds pretty fun. For semi autos they shoot great! They really shine in the woods more than on the paper. I've yet to have any complaints from the local whitetails.
  14. Cowhand75

    Cowhand75 Member

    Jan 12, 2013
    I generally shoot a 223 for coyotes, But tried a 270 with 150 gr. Core-loks on paper this week. It had too much recoil for me . Would the 110 or 90 Grainers be better ? I was shooting a savage 110 sporter.the barrel would burn my hand after 4 shoots . Does anyone have any suggestions ?