270 Bullets. Wildcat, Swift, Hornady

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    Oct 2, 2007
    I am getting rid of the bullets that my gun does not like.

    173 - Wildcat .277 150grn Rebated Boat Tail Hollowpoint bullets (non-bonded) $65 Shipped conus.

    91 - Swift Scirocco .277 130grn Boattail (Bonded) $35 shipped conus

    64 - Hornady Interbond .277 130grn Boattail (Bonded) $20 Shipped conus

    If you want all three bullets, total price of $100 shipped conus.

    I accept MO, Per Check, Paypal (add 3%). No Trades, Need cash!

    email me direct at mcneese@mcn.net, or PM me with questions.