25-06 loads ?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Rancher49, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Rancher49

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    Feb 11, 2011
    I have a Rem 700 25-06 that was made in 1964 but it's in mint condition. It's got a 24" barrel.
    I want to shoot & hunt with either 110 gr Nosler Accubonds or 115 Nosler Partitions. I have read that these bullets perform real good with RL - 22 powder. If anyone is using this combination I'd sure like to know what you are finding out, like Chronographed veloclitys and accuracy etc.
    I am new here. I live close to Bighorn Ram country.
  2. Dean2506

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    Feb 11, 2011
    Tried the 110 accubond in my rifle couldnt get them to shoot that well. My ol faithful load was 100 partition over 56 gr imr 4831 at 3540 fps. That is hot so work up slow. New books show 54 as max. The 100 was outstanding on deer out to 400 yds. In the shorter bbl you may also want to try imr 4350. Used 100 ballistic tip this year in my ackley did well on both deer shot one at 90 yds and one at 430 yds. I do however think the bt is a little fragile for deer.

  3. elkaholic

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    Dec 4, 2008
    If the 115 Nosler partitions will group, they are a great choice and will kill most things that breathe! I don't mean to be nit picky, but Remington didn't chamber the 25-06 until 1969 so someone mislead you or maybe just misread the barrel code?...Rich
  4. retiredcpo

    retiredcpo Well-Known Member

    Jul 19, 2009
    115 gr Ballistic tips over 46 gr H4350 win brass and WLR primmers shoot sub moa for my daughters gun out to 700 Average Vel 2700FPS, ES is 55FPS and the ED is 19FPS
  5. johnnyk

    johnnyk Well-Known Member

    Dec 24, 2001
    I tried the 110gn AB back in 2005 with a couple different powder/primer combos and RL22 was one of them. I tried 53.0 - 54.5gn and best groups was with 54.5gn. Velocity averaged 3271fps and accuracy was .669". I tried the same load again, three days later and got 3271fps and .6965". These loads were developed using the Rem 9.5M printer. Not the accuracy I was hoping for and certainly not what this Sendero SF was capable of, but very consistent.
    Looking back, I think I could have pushed it a little harder, but didn't have access to a lot of load data for the 110gn AB with RL22 to go off of at that time.
    I tried IMR4831/BR2 from 51.0-52.5gn with nothing better than .7205".
    I tried IMR4350/BR2 from 48.0-49.5gn and accuracy ran from .4345" to .749", respectively. Velocity was 3009fps to 3115fps.
    Don't have a lot of info on them as I remember I only tried one box and went to the 115gn Berger and they rocked in this rifle, so I never picked them back up.
    Right now I'm shooting 52.0gn RL22/9.5M with 115gn Ballistic Tips and 117gn Sierra BT. Velocity and accuracy for both bullets is consistently 3050-3060fps and .4". Hope this helps. JohnnyK.
  6. 405win

    405win Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2010
    I could not get accubonds to shoot well but 115gr. bergers shot awesome with RL22. I would have to check my notes for charge weight but velocity out of my 26" barrel was 3130 fps. Average group 5/8 to 1" at 200 yards.
  7. moses42ak

    moses42ak Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2009
    Mine shoots 117 gr. Hornady Boattails incredibly accurate (sub 1/2 moa) and I've got my best accuracy out of IMR 4350 but never chronographed it. It did take a full curl Dall Sheep at well over 400 yards.
  8. RT2506

    RT2506 Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2008
    Like has been said, if you can get those 115 Partitions to shoot like you want they are real killers. i have always used H-4831 or IMR or AA 4350 for my 25-06s. My favorite deer bullet is the 117 Sierra Pro Hunter pushed out of a Rem. case, 49 grs IMR or AA 4350 and lit by a CCI 250 primer. Out of my 26" #6 SS Shilen barrel it averages 3000 fps and 1/4 MOA accuracy. 99.9% of the time it is BANG FLOP for a deer if you put one into a shoulder 600 yards and in. I have not shot any at over 600 yards.
  9. roninflag

    roninflag Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2006
    RANCHER- I Shot a rocky mt bighorn. it was big and heavy. do live close to any wolves?? i really would like to hunt them. for the 25-06 re-22 is good. also h-4831 and h-4350. they are "extreme" powders and less temp sensitive. roninflag
  10. str8shoot

    str8shoot Well-Known Member

    Jul 27, 2010
    In my 25-06 Sendero, I use 57 gr of retumbo with a 117 gameking spbt for 3100 fps. This will hold .75 moa (often better) out past 600 yards. Retumbo is a little slow for a 24" barrel, I would try H4831 or H4350.
    For Alberta I'd have to say forget the RL-22, way too temperature sensitive.
  11. Nutjob

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    Feb 13, 2008
    Retumbo and 110 accubond is good for 3300 in a 24" barrel. Used a 110 accubond in an ackley , started at 3500 for a 600+ yard Muley. Broke the onside shoulder and exited.