22 caliber Krieger 1x8 stainless steel

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  1. George LS

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    Dec 31, 2007
    1x8 twist stainless steel Krieger barrel chambered and threaded for Remington. 30 inches long. 7/8 muzzle. Chambered by Sid Goodling. 22 Cheetah, .247 neck. 100 rounds fired to fire form cases with 45 grain hornet bullets. You're getting Redding dies with inserts and Wilson hand dies cut by Sid Goodling. Could be screwed on any Remington action and head spaced. Long enough to be cut off if you don't want the chamber, and still have plenty of barrel left. Built the gun in 1998. Lost interest. Needed the action for my wife's 7x08. Don't know how to put pictures on this thread, but if you email me at sstephanis@gmail.com, I will send pictures. $350.00 plus shipping in the lower 48. George
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    Aug 2, 2006
    I'll take it. Pm me payment info please