2 sets of Leupold 30 MM Rings and one set of Wby Mk V, Rem 700 bases

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    Jan 23, 2006
    1. Set of used one time Leupold 30 mm rings. Front turn in, rear windage adjustable. They measure about 5/16" in from the bottom of the scope to the bottom of the ring. These are just like new.

    Take $30.00 including parcel post.

    2.Have another set of like new 30 MM Leupold rings that are still on the bases. Everything is in great shape. However I lost one scope screw and one of the base screws. Not sure of the height but there is about 3/8" of metal beneath the scope bottom and the top of the mounting surface of the rear ring. I recall these coming off a Mark V Wby but I believe they'll also fit the Rem 700, Vanguard and S&W 1500 rifles.

    Take $35 including shipping for rings and bases.

    These are both Matt black.