165gr Sierra HPBT Gamekings

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  1. Yotebuster

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    Oct 30, 2008
    I have a 300 SAUM and was wondering about the Sierra 165gr HPBT gamekings for Elk I Know the Matchkings are more for paper but how are the gameking hp, Hoping to get my hands on the new Rel 17 powder for these as well.
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  2. kraky2

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    Jan 6, 2005
    There was a long thread over on another forum about these. Everyone agreed that they are extremely accurate. Some have used them for elk and liked them....others think they are not much tougher than the normal game king.
    I would personally put forth that they are a better deer bullet than elk....for certain on tough angles with bone in the way.
    RE the re 17 there was a guy on another forum that got an astonishing 3245 out of 168tsx's in a 24" saum and no pressure signs. His fastest useful load had been about 3000 before. Looks like the hype is real on the re17.....and I would say the 168tsx at the velocity would be far better out to 500 yds than the sierra on elk sized animals.

  3. countryrebel

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    Sep 14, 2008
    I shot a doe a couple years back with 165 hpbt gameking out of a 300 win mag. Range was 250 yards and the bullet struck her high in the shoulder. Bullet broke both shoulders and came to rest under the skin on the far side. The bullet separated and came out in two pieces. Now that bullet hit that deer hard and had a massive amount of damage done and she only made it about 30 yards. Regardless of the bullet coming apart it did the job and no two shots are the same so as far as using them for elk I think they would work fine. I bought them because of the good reviews on midwayusa. I will use them again after I get to try out the hornady 165 sst.

    Good luck