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I missed a called in coyote at 8am 2/23. I was shooting offhand and trying to figure out if I should have waited longer.When I first saw it, it was just standing about 110 yds, I didn't move until it started walking and then stopped to look over a creek bank. I had to pick a spot for a clear shot and when it came into open I lit the fire. when that happened I noticed there was another coyote with it. I messed up bad.
Deputy Sheriff
Deputy Sheriff
Coyotes are very wary and can notice anything out of the ordinary. And weird things happen, I shot and missed one with my 280 rem and then called one in from the same direction but got him. Also have called them in and 2 came in behind me down wind.
The top one shows pressure signs the bottom one is a maybe because of the cratered
primers. That could be a pressure sign and it could be a large primer hole. The shiny
case is pressure for sure.
Hi, I'll take the Swaro Z3 4-12x50 BRH you have advertised for $620. Please PM me with payment option info. Thanks, Kevin
Thanks for your response to my “manuals” post. An aside question - what source do you use for beginning loads for wildcat cartridges?
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I normally start with the parent case loads and use the increase in case capacity to find a starting loads Based on the design.

It sounds simple, but you have to stay away from Squib loads. Often I will use a lighter bullet with the powder charge for heavier bullets to hold pressures down. I consider 90% case density a good starting point.

I have a Leupold 1.5x6x30 with an illuminated reticle. that came off my 375 H&H. It's the perfect thing for dangerous game and I've used it effectively out beyond 300 yds. Illumination is very handy at twilight or against a darkly colored animal. I would let it go for $450 if you wanted it.
Feel free to text, call or email if you have questions.
(417)860-5888 or [email protected]
Is the Sendero 300 WM you advertised on Long Range Hunting still available?
Yes sir it is
I'm interested. Can you send me some pictures when you get the chance? My email is: [email protected]
Thanks! BTW, why is your buddy selling it? With a brake on it, I can't imagine the recoil is much of a problem. Also, does the brake come off? I know that they work, I just hate them.
Thanks again!
Wondering if you might be interested in a trade for your CA? I have a Browning X-bolt White Gold Medallion chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor bought new in December.