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I have a savage 210 custom barrel custom trigger with a recoil reducer in it. If interested please call mike at 908-616-2304
and ported barrel thx mike
Any data/components/whatever I'd be interested in!
I'm a young guy from Montana, Green Beret, and life long rifle tinkerer. I enjoy your posts!

My buddy and I have been running 6.5 Addictions... fancy for 6.5x55AI throated for long bullets in a SA. Now we are heading down the 22x55AI road since we have dies. My goal is to be able to have a MPBR to 400yds on a 6'' diameter (coyotes) and push a decent BC bullet - 70 gnr to close to 4Kfps. Sounds like you were getting in that ballpark?
NRA Patriot Life Member Benefactor. Joint in 1970, became a life member in 1975. Started hand loading at age 14 in 1962. Serviced in the U.S. Army from March 1968 to Feb. 1970, Feb. 1969 to Feb. 1970 in Vietnam as a combat medic with, D Trp 3/4 Cav. 25th I.D. I awarded Airborne wings, Fly wings, & Combat Medic Badge. Purple Heart.
Where in Idaho are ?
Sorry I’m new to the site. I found it by googling looking for a vortex razor scope that you are selling. I’m in Moscow and wanted to see how close I was to ya.
I’d like to get that scope if it’s still for sale
Mitch Johnson
[email protected]
I work off shore and get home Tuesday. I can have someone set me up a pay pal account then.
Hey Mitch, I am out of state on a hunt but will be back on Nov 2nd but then leaving for a work trip 48 hours later. I am going into town every 3rd day or so to check emails etc. Just post that you’ll take it in the thread and you have “claimed” it. If you want to pay within the next week, I will ship the scope around Nov 3rd.
PayPal [email protected]. You are welcome to do friends and family or add $20 if you want the purchase protection

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