Zero at 100 Yards and Leave Turret at 200 Yards for Hunting?

Montucky Roamer

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Mar 2, 2017
Man! People get soooo confused by this stuff. If you have a twisty turret it just doesnt matter what you use, if it works for you! However, if you want to get a slow round to 1000mplus yards, it still makes NO difference if you decide to zero at 2 or 300 0r 1000 yards! Your scope still only has a set amount of travel! You don’t magically gain turret travel by zeroing for longer range! Unless you go to a steeper canted rail!
Zeroing at 100 and then dialing a bit to have whatever mpbr YOU want at the time works absolutely wonderfully! If I’m in open country I dial for 250, start tracking a bull or buck in cover ? A simple twist to the zero stop and I’m dead on at close range.
Think about it, your only moving were you choose to set the zero stop! Set it wherever you like.