Zeiss vs kahles


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Sep 26, 2008
Does anyone know which scope brings in more light at dawn or dusk. I am looking at the Kayles 4-12 or the Zeiss 4-14 in them
Thanks Ted
What models of scope within each line and what size tube? I use a Kahles Helia KX 3X9X42 on my main hunting rifle (25-06). I have used a Conquest 3.5X10X44, but prefer the Kahles. Both are 1" tube, but to me the Kahles is clearer and 'brighter'.
Ditto on what Skywalker said. I had a 25 yr. old Burris go TU on my 30/06 this past weekend, and will replace it with a Kahles. M y other Kahles is on my 7WSM.
I allso have a khales kx 3-9x42mm and used zeiss conquest and i don`t change a khales for a conquest.
nop not a victory for the diference in price and 30mm tube it should be someting very diferen`t
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