Zeiss Conquest Z600-Any experience out there?


Nov 2, 2006
I am looking to put this scope on a 300win mag, this gun is used for close contact hunting- typically no farther than 600 yards. I have a conquest on it now, but like the idea of a bullet drop reticle for this style of gun.
I am really curious how the reticle works for such a wide range of calibers, ie. 243,270, 30-06, 300WM,325WSM.
Thanks for your help.
You can go to the zeiss web sight and use the calculator for the caliber and reticle you have. Put in the info of factory or hand loads it will give you the yds between the lines. I have the Z800 conquest 3.5-10x44, it will share the 308 & 223 when it is completed. I like the scope real well and the glass is clear. The conquests with the fixed parralex in the rapid Z reticle are fixed at 300 yds. not 50 or 100 like most.
I believe the Rapid Z is based on the Pride Fowler Rapid Reticle. For those that are willing to train with it and hone it for their rig/load, it seems to work, as the comments I've received from customers has been real positive to date.

We offer great prices on Zeiss Conquest.

It seems like a simple thing to set up.

Here's what I'd do:

1: Target holder would be very tall and narrow. Sufficiently tall to handle the drop @ 600 from a 100 yd zero.

Zero at 100.

Move the target from 100 to 600 shoot at each distance using the zero hold.

You will then know the approximate drop at each distance.

The natural instinct would be to then say the reticle would be calibrated.

However, the next thing would be to shoot at those distances again using the reticle hold over stadia. It was explained to me that this would remove the error due to the cosine of gravity.

Also see the following for much better explanation: http://www.longrangehunting.com/articles/long-range-targets.php
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