SOLD/EXPIRED Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44 rapid Z 1000

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May 17, 2009
Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x44 rapid Z 1000 Price reduced

Zeiss conquest 4.5-14x44 objective, target turret with rapid z 1000 reticle in it. Parallax adjustment in matte black. This scope is 95% no mounting marks purchased a month and a half ago. Project gun I was using it on got sold so no use for it. Gun that it was on was shot a total of 20 times. Easiest to call my cell 605 857 0853. No dings or nicks on scope.Also comes with the lifetime warranty that is transferrable.And the original box.These things go for 875 to 900 .

I need to sell this scope will take 600.00 but you will have to pay the shipping.
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May 17, 2009
Need to sell will take 600 but you will have to pay the shipping. Call my cell 605 857 0853 . Ask for Merlin. Thanks


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Jan 27, 2008

'Been doing some hunting for the best scope for my Springfield M1A (M21).

Springfield Armory Rifles


Both are around $925
And both are 4.5-14x50

Note: Please enter your information into our Rapid-Z Calculator to ensure that you make the best possible reticle selection
based on your caliber, bullet, hunting conditions and location.

According to their calculator for the Rapid Z 1000 (designed for the .308 Match bullets):
This IS the value for .308, Sierra 168-gr. MK (BC =.462),
Velocity: 2,550 fps,
Elevation: 4,500 ft. ASL
Temp: 80 degrees F

The Rapid Z 1000
With their calculator, and the scope power ring set to 11.87 (12 power):
They say to zero dead-on at 500 yards with the Bar 5. (Bar 5 is the center crosshair.)
At Bar 1 will impact at 154 yards (or zero at 154 yards with Bar 1).
Bar 2 = 224 (Bars 1 - 4 are above the center crosshair Bar 5.)
Bar 3 = 316
Bar 4 = 406
Bar 5 = 500
Bar 6 = 595
Bar 7 = 692
Bar 8 = 791
Bar 9 = 892
Bar 10 = 993
This is seemingly unbeatable.

Now, with the Rapid Z 800:
With the M1A, same load, they say to put the power ring at 14 power.
Sight in at 1.77" high @ 100 yards for a 200 yard zero (Center Crosshairs).
Bar 2 will impact at 295 yards (an unmarked bar). (All Bars are below the center crosshairs.)
Bar 4 = 395
Bar 5 = 495
Bar 6 = 596
Bar 7 = 698
Bar 8 = 800

I know it's not 1,000 - but rather versatile anyway...

:rolleyes: So, I'm deciding on which to choose.
More field of view at 12 power with the Z 1000, than 14x on the Z 800.
And the Z 800 is intended for other calibers, but, look at what I found for the .308!

But, if you definitely need it backed-off at the lowest 4.5 power also, then the Z 800 will work for both close-quarter work and long-range. (What would the Z 1000 do at 4.5 power? - when it is set up for range at 12 power?)

Maybe we can't have our cake, and eat it too. :D

Zeiss Rapid Z 1000
Zeiss | 4.5-14x50 AO MC Conquest Riflescope | 52 14 90 9973

Zeiss Rapid Z 800
Zeiss 4.5-14x50 800

[email protected]


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