Your Next Rifle Will Be In Which Cartridge

Your Next Big Game Rifle Will Be In Which Cartridge?

  • 6.5/284

    Votes: 784 20.2%
  • 7WSM

    Votes: 375 9.7%
  • 7RUM

    Votes: 165 4.2%
  • 7AM

    Votes: 88 2.3%
  • 300WM

    Votes: 661 17.0%
  • 300WSM

    Votes: 401 10.3%
  • 300RUM

    Votes: 348 9.0%
  • 338RUM

    Votes: 186 4.8%
  • 338LAP

    Votes: 440 11.3%
  • 338EDGE

    Votes: 436 11.2%

  • Total voters
No kool-aid required, it's hard to argue with what makes sense no matter how much we don't want to appear as fan boys.

I have a 21 inch light weight 7 saum that's two years old. If I was planning that build today or a 7rm I'd be all over the prc. I'm trying to talk my dad into one now.

I wish they would have simply rebranded the Ole gunwerks 7 LRH but the prc is still a good option for the box shooter and handloader alike. I feel quite certain the big boys of brass will pick it up very soon.

What's even more intriguing is the 6.5-7 prc. That thing has real potential as a wildcat.
Slick8 is correct... the 7mm PRC is almost a twin to the Gunwerks 7mm LRM. Using the correct twist to stabalize the new VLD bullets and with the newer powders the "modern" 7mm rounds outperform the 7mmer's of the 50's & 60's. With todays laser rangefinders and quality turret riflescopes, you don't need the fastest velocity to reach out and touch, just a bullet that keeps it's velocity. DD62
Speaking of fan-boys I just snagged a used bergara in 6.5 creed. I don't plan on hunting T-rex anytime soon but for a 1000 yard and in paper puncher or 500 and in deer killer it's great fun. Low recoil and powder usage, great brass and will shoot forever.
I've got 2 barrels being chambered here
30 Sherman Mag
375 Rum-imp

I bought dies for a 338 Edge also so that will likely be coming soon.
I have just added a 338 win mag and 300 Westherby so I'm headed in the lightweight division. 6mm Creed or maybe a fast twist 257 Ackley.