Your favorite long range rifle pic.



wanted to see one picture of every ones favorite long range rifle. with a desription of it. thought it would be nice seeing some equipment. thanks
Here's my favorite--even if it is "only" a .308 Win...
Mcmillan A3 Stock
Blueprinted M700 Action w/ Jewell trigger and Badger Bolt Knob
28" Pac-Nor SuperMatch barrel
Birdsong Green T finish
Williams Bottom metal
NF NXS 3.5-15x50 W/NF rings and Badger 20 MOA Base
Shoots .3 MOA when I hold it right with Federal GM Match 175 gr Sierra MK

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Nor-Cal NightHawk, .308 Blue Printed REm. SA, #6 Fluted K&P Barrel, Tactical Vent system. Jewel Trigger, McMillan A3 Stock, It is wearing an M3 but now has an M1.. all metal is powder coated...
Like CJ said it's only a .308 but all you do is point it at your target and you hit it.. "goto" rifle.

168 Nosler J4 Competitions at 2700 fps... an all day long .5 rifle no matter what you feed it...


close up of tactical vent system


This is a 6mm AI I just aquired and is quickly becoming a favorite.. THis thing just shoots tiny bug holes!!!

Rem. SA, Blue Printed, 30" Krieger #5.5 barrel, Sendero Stock, Tuned Rem Trigger.

Knda a base line LR rifle but it spits out the 105 VLD's at 3150fps and is just fun to shoot.....


Now here's a neat one.. I just aquired this one as well.....

This is a 300 WSM, Blue printed Rem SA, PSS barrel, Tuned Rem trigger, McMillam HTG... quickly becoming my carry rifle... THis one spits out the Nosler 168 gr J4 Competitions at 2950fps into itty bitty holes!!!

Chris Matthews ( on this board ) tweeked this one for me!!! He made this one a point and shoot rifles as well...!!


Now my "new" one.

Chris Matthews work of art..

it's a 6.5/300WSM
built on a Win M70 LA, 28" #6 fluted Rock Barrel with a Holland break... tuned win trigger, in a HS Stock....
working up loads for it but it has shot sub .5 MOA....
I have shot the 142 Sierras but got the good groups with 140 Berger VLD's at 3100 FPS..
I'll post the pics later!


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My two LR rigs are a couple of posts down. My new RUM and Mystic projects. Also have a 30 Gibbs but no pictures at this time.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR> wanted to see one picture of every ones favorite long range rifle <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
****, Ric--He said ONE!!!
Here is my hunter. I built it my self years ago with a heavy douglass, bedded heavy stock, arms 18 mount now and burris rings with a simmons scope. It is much better than any bolt rifle I ever had for long range targets for a lot of reasons accuracy and quick followups or hitting multiple targets in a hurry.
That silhouette target there is an easy hit at 1000 yards for it. As you can see by the fresh copper marks.
Whistle Pig,

I've attached the link. The whole job including rifle, scope, mounts, rings and two Bi-pods (short & tall) was $150.00. If your interested in doing it, email me. I'll give you some tips as to keep in mind. They do fantastic work and have about a two week turn around. The also did my Rem 1100 and colt .45 for another $150.00, so everything was $300.00

Hope it helps.

here's my favorite:
Ultimate Accuracy AMAC 5100 w/16x Mk4 mildot.

I was saving for an EDM Windrunner when the So Cal politicians theatened to ban 50 BMG's (AGAIN) & I chose what I could afford at the time. I have others that are more accurate, but for pure fun, this is the one. Best group has been .6moa. I've replaced the barrel since this picture and am still in the process of breaking it in.

Nice to see you over here from SH, FROGGY.

Thats still a fine shootin 308. Hope mine does that good when i get the A3 put on Friday.

Jason Baney
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