Your Closest Archery Big Game Kill

pointy sticks

May 5, 2020
Washington State
lol rag horn bull called him up a river bank he came in so fast I couldn’t call him to stop him he hit the breaks with his nose 2 feet from the end of my arrow at full draw. Thought he was going to run me over. Tried to shoot him when he wheeled to run managed to sick him right square in the butt lol. Luckily I called and he stoped out at 30 and I got another arrow in him he trotted off I called again he stoped and I guess him at 85 and got another in him witch turned out to be the best shot out of the 3. He walked another 20yards and tipped over. Man I was sure glad he did after that initial shot things could have went really bad. I got really lucky there. A guy learns some interesting lessons when you least expect it.


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Feb 6, 2018
Warman, Saskatchewan
Closest big game kill was a whitetail meat buck @ about 10 yards.
Closest kill was a coyote @ about 8 yards, I had just finished climbing a tree to scout a stand location and hopped down picked up my bow to go home and here comes a rabbit... and here comes a coyote so I got an arrow ready and shot it!
Been within 20 yards of more wild game than I can remember, within 10 yards of several most memorable were a whitetail fawn still with spots about 4 feet away, I was just sitting behind a stick blind on the ground. The other memorable was a black bear @ about 6 yards... he wanted to walk down the trail I was on until I said hey bear.... who knows how close he would have gotten if I just stood there. That experience really makes me wish we could carry a good revolver in Canada.

Tiny Tim

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Jan 26, 2015
Not quite as close as JE's, but very near. Was standing at base of a tree near a field. Buck jumped the fence but vitals behind one tree and head behind another. He'd take a couple of quick steps and his head would be behind another tree while his chest was behind the first. Happened a couple times until I shot at about 2.5-3 feet. Was shaking so bad, I thought I missed. Could see my arrow lying in the dusty fall leaves. Went about 30 yards, put his head down and when I thought he'd jerk it back up, he collapsed.

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