You ever have a What The Heck day?

Day before yesterday I was driving down the hwy going 65 mph and some ding dong came flying out of the Napa parking lot, trying to shoot across four lanes of hwy, and hit me almost head on. Like that deer that blows across the road and you have zero time to react. So much for restoring my gen II. All I had left was the interior and and a full tear down of the engine to replace seals and anything else that made sense while there. I had replaced all the body parts, wrapped it, installed a full Carlie suspension with Thuren steering stabilizer, and steel front and rear bumpers. Along with other various things.View attachment 468547View attachment 468548View attachment 468549View attachment 468550View attachment 468552
Restored Gen II's are great, sorry for the loss.


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I had a 1997 Ram 2500 extended cab as well Gen-2 years ago that a Crown Vic tried to bully head on. I bent tie rod, center drag link, busted headlight, bumper and bottom of radiator. Totaled the Crown Vic. Shoved engine right into front seat. I was able to get her door open and she educated me on great new vocabulary. I truly thought she was going to hit me. I went back to my truck, Police came. Officer asked me if I had trouble with her. I laughed. He told me he almost cuffed her! She had suspended license, no insurance and registration expired. For once I had the extra coverage to cover. Officer could not figure out what the heck she was doing in my lane. Like Steve, one second and it was over. No chance for avoidance.

Those Gen-II's were tough trucks except for rust!! I ended up repairing , ran it another 6 years, gave to my son who ran it another 4 years. Running a 2009 Gen-3 2500 now with 197K on it. It came new with Lifetime Factory Limited Drivetrain Warranty!!! Only in this specific model, no clue why but sure is nice!!
How’d the other vehicle make out? What was is it any pictures?
I didn't take any pics of the car. Some sort of Toyota 4 door sedan. You can see it's bumper sticking out from under the passenger side of my truck. I swerved enough not to hit it in the cabin and hit the driver's side front wheel and drove over the hood of the car blowing most of it all over the hwy. If I hadn't swerved he would have died. If my truck was not so tall I doubt he would have made it.