You ever have a What The Heck day?


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Mar 25, 2007
Day before yesterday I was driving down the hwy going 65 mph and some ding dong came flying out of the Napa parking lot, trying to shoot across four lanes of hwy, and hit me almost head on. Like that deer that blows across the road and you have zero time to react. So much for restoring my gen II. All I had left was the interior and and a full tear down of the engine to replace seals and anything else that made sense while there. I had replaced all the body parts, wrapped it, installed a full Carlie suspension with Thuren steering stabilizer, and steel front and rear bumpers. Along with other various things.IMG_20230605_162654782.jpgIMG_20230605_161814035.jpgIMG_20230605_161757513.jpgIMG_20230605_161736007.jpgIMG_20230605_161717330.jpg
Looks like they went underneath you mostly. Sorry to hear they wrecked a great project truck but glad you’re not hurt. That’s the really scary aspect of people like that. More trucks out there but people are tough to replace and fix.
My truck has a 3" lift and I drove over the front of his car. If my truck was shorter I would have blew through his car.