YHM Resonator r2

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Jan 9, 2022
Anyone have a Resonator R2 suppressor?
I'm in the market for a dedicated can to run on my AR platforms. 30 cal to .556
Yep, wish I would have bought 2 last round. Run it on an 18" 5.56, 10" 5.56 and a 10" 300BO. I am using their taper mount that was included with the can
To me from behind the gun it sounds just like my Nomad and Sandman. If I had to do it again I would have bought three of them and saved some $$$ vs what the DA cost.
They are very popular in my shop. Now that there is a somewhat “industry standard” on several brands for rear mount threads, mounts across several brands are interchangeable. Silencerco Harvester Evo is a pretty comparable suppressor (in sales and performance)and their Bravo mounts work in tandem with YHM.