Yes Virginia There Are Good Dealers Out There


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Feb 7, 2013
I just picked up Hybrid100 and W760 from a shop in Churubusco, IN. 2 hour drive for me but was also hunting not too far. I thanked the owner in front of two different couples thinking of buying a pistol. I thanked him for his loyalty to his customers and not ratcheting up prices on components. He told me "loyalty" means a lot to him and would not take advantage of his customers especially when costs mean a lot to them. So take a look at this receipt from today. Just shows you there are businesses out there that we all need to support instead of CTD baloney.

If you are within reasonable driving distance, consider doing business with him. He has earned my deepest respect and trust as a customer.


DJ Fergus

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Dec 25, 2015
I try to support local. Especially if I'm in a reloading supply shop because around here, most of those shops can't make enough profit to keep the doors open on just reloading supplies alone during normal times. This past 3 months has been a different story. Over the years there's been alot of solely reloading supply stores only go out of business. And several gun stores got out of reloading supplies. In either good times or shortages when I'm in a store that has powder or bullets that I use or I think I might use, I buy some whether I think I need them or not. I support that buisness and then I don't have any reason to be online whining cause I don't have powder or bullets.


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