xp 100

i just want to build off of it so i really only want the reciever.

i would also be interested in a custom xp if anyone has something decent that is ready to go.

i would entertain all long range calibers but it for a friend so i dont know exactly what he wants.
Actions for sale


I just purchased an undesignated Savage benchrest action with the match accutrigger for $433. to my door in Alaska. He sells it all. SO may have what you want.

Undesignated means, can be made into either a rifle or pistol! When you fill out the yellow FFL # 4733? at that time you designate it as Rifle,handgun,or other.

Jim Briggs- Northland Shooters Supply 763-420-7163

Buy an undesignated receiver of your choice and build what you want. You don't have to have a true XP receiver.

I shoot only single shot and don't see the need for multiple rounds.

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