XP-100 Integral Bolt (PTG) Group Buy

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    Nov 25, 2009
    We have a deal with Dave Kiff of Pacific Tool and Gauge that he will do a run of (minimum) 25 of his 1 piece integral bolts for the XP-100, Rem 600/660 actions at $147.00 for the bolt body with the threaded handle. You can have it fluted, (+ $35.00), pick your bolt face, etc., etc. Currently, this one piece bolt is offered only as Rem SA and LA...this will be the first offered in the XP length.

    Here is the link for Specialty Pistols (Group Buys):

    To go directly to the page for this buy:
    PTG Remington XP-100 Integral (One-piece) Bolt Group Buy...

    I will edit the page as we go to better answer questions, etc. Please note that ALL ORDERS will go DIRECTLY to PTG...Please do not order until we are sure we have enough orders to make it happen! (Yes, you'll be able to use a CC through PTG.)

    If you are interested in purchasing, but have questions or concerns...please PM me.

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