Xmas gift question


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May 20, 2009
Sonoma County, CA
I would like to buy my dad a book for making sausage and smoking meats. I am looking for the "bible" of sausage making and smoking. Does anybody know of any MUST HAVE books I could buy him for Xmas?

Thanks again!
He doesn't need a book he needs a smoker and a dry cure aging container. Morton salt company has all the recipes and they are on line for free. He will need a mortar and pestle ( course grained granite ) and sausage casings. The reason I choose the Morton recipes on sausage type meats is that they are ground and anything in the air is in the meat, basically mixing bacteria into it. The Morton recipes use cure salt which is totally different from salt curing and not interchangeable. There are even quick oven recipes that taste exactly the same but the texture is totally wrong ( for those that want nothing to do with preservatives) Its all on line for free and once you start making your own the store bought stuff is definately a tube full of grease that a guy wouldn't even feed to his dog. hot dogs to pepperoni and jerky to pastrami. For wild game just add beef fat - can you imagine that hot dogs that are of such high quality you need to add fat!
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