XL Insulated Parka


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May 4, 2020
Looking to purchase a good quality late season insulated parka, size XL, for southern whitetail stand hunting. Let me know what you have.
Don’t know what your budget is, but if lower is the menu then look at these. I have one of these and it’s good for the sale price. However if you have larger arms it’s a little snug, but then again most tops are. As reference I’m 5’7” and normally 210-220 lbs depending on how my workouts are going. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/939114567?pid=882296
Also keep an eye on camofire.com for their daily deals, they have some insulated & water resistant parka & pants that pop up about once a week for $20. I bought my wife, son, and myself a set and they have been great in weather down to freezing. I actually had to unzip the pants while sitting in a stand in 32 degree weather one morning. I have the Army issued 7 layer system and only use it during really cold outings, usually not associated with southern states. I say usually but it got the coldest in Arkansas I’ve ever seen last February, we called it Snowmageddon.😂 It was -8 one morning with a -16 windchill, that 7 layer system was a must when sitting on a stool at the range observing for shooters.
The budget items I listed above serve me well for normal hunting use.

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