X-Caliber Barrel Blank & Bulk Bullet Packages!!! Save Some Coin!

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  1. 257 Blackjack

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    Jun 20, 2018
    To celebrate the 100 X-Caliber blanks coming in next Thursday or Friday, August 2nd or 3rd, we are offering a killer deals on Barrel Blank + Bullet Packages.

    1 X-Caliber Blank in your choice of Heavy Varmint, Standard Palma, Sendero, M24/M40, or Bull Sporter contour plus 1000 131 grain ACE bullets all for just $525...


    1 Blank and 2000 bullets for $833...


    1 Blank and 3000 bullets for $1100 !!!

    This deal will last until we start shipping the bullets our to all our early customers in August! Click the link below to view these package deals or checkout the other barrel blanks we have to offer.


    package deal x-cal 131 ACE 2.png