X Bolt V Tikka T3

Rowe P

New Member
Nov 4, 2012
I saw the question on rating the Browning X bolt against the Tikka T3, I run both, a Tikka T3 in 204 for small game and the Browning X bolt in 243 for medium game, mainly wild goats which we remove from National Parks and sundry other areas as required.
The X bolt is a great rifle, very accurate from day one, have mounted a 4x16x 50 scope which takes care of the sighting. The most disappointing thing about the rifle is the magazine, it's crap, 4 rounds is useless in most of my applications and although I carry spare ammo around 50 rounds most of the time and a loaded spare magazine, when you come across a mob of 20 goats you need more than 4 rounds to drop as many as you can. I might say here our "enlightened" ??????? Government in Austarlia has outlawed self loading rifles for all but a chosen few. So if anyone knows where I could purchase a 10 round mag for an X bolt I would realy like to hear from them. The Tikka is really good, I would buy another one tomorrow if I needed anothr rifle.