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Nov 21, 2002
A few weeks ago you were talking about a ballistics program that was on a handheld. Could you please elaborate on what it was and what it did for you. Also I have become somewhat of a fan of your stories and of course knowledge, someday I would like to spend some time with you and watch you shoot and take some notes. I live in Western Nebraska so it would not be a bad drive at all for me. Appreciate your response.

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I have a Handspring Visor handheld, it has the Horus Vision ballistic program in a chip on it and was $260.00 I think, from Horus Vision.

It works in the field as quickly modifiable chart. It has the ability to account for inclination angle as well as all the normal features a ballistic program contains.

It does not produce a chart displaying MOA correction at various ranges, rather you enter into it the specific range down to the yard and it gives you the amount needed to dial in to your scope in MOA or clicks, one or the other.

You can enter into it the wind direction and speed too, it will display the correction needed for it too.

It has a function for leading the animal if it is moving also, enter in the speed and direction (left or right) the animal is moving and it figures the lead correction too.

It works out to 3000 yards if I remember correctly.

One thing I find nice about it, its ability to give you a correction at the specific range needed, not just to the nearest point on a paper chart you have which are usually 10, 20 or 50 yard increments.

I think Ric may have the same unit too. He may have used his a little more than I have and might elaborate, I've only used mine with my 416wby and 300 Ultra out to 800 yards so far and they follow the program so far.

It seems the SMOA (shooters MOA) setting as opposed to the TMOA (true MOA)setting follows the Oehler ballistic Explorer program I have exactly.

My actual trajectory has followed the SMOA beyond 400 yards and not the TMOA for what it's worth. I havn't looked into it further to see why though.


Horus Vision home page

Howdy, well at least your screen name is on the right track!!!
Sorry it took so long to reply I was In PA deer hunting with my Dad and friends.

You as well as anyone else is welcome here.

Not that I am the best shot in the book but all I have learned was from right here!
I have the exact thing Brent has. Actually I e-mailed him for the info! Seems to be right on with everything I have. I have only had time to test to 500 yards.
Thanks Wyo, I would really like to come out and spend some time at the range with you. Sometime when you get a chance email me and we can talk about when's and where's. On another note, you shoot a .308 right?, do you like the caliber, would you like to trade to a larger caliber? Whats your thoughts.
well if you ever get to Cody we have agreat shooting range, concrete benches and targets to 500 then 700 and 1K. If you ever get this way we'll go to the range and stretch your legs..

I do shoot the 308 it is where i learned the basics and developed alot of the skills you need. Cheap to reload for but very accurate. I was fortunate enough to marry a generous wife who suprizes me every so often with an awesome Christmas/Bday present and I just ordered a custom 300 RUM in the Nor-Cal nighthawk configuration.
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