Wyoming unit 26


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Jan 31, 2005
Searcy, Arkansas
I, along with 3 buddies have tags for unit 26 in WY. That is the area just north of Douglas.

Does anyone have any experience with that unit? We are looking for a ranch we can pay a trespass fee, or public land. Some of the National Grassland is in the east side of the unit, anyone familiar with it?

Thanks for any input.
We have hunted A27, A29 & A30.....all have decent antelope but A26 has more and a lot of real dandy's....Problem is outfitters have a lot of the land sewed up....There is a little public land available along Converse county roads and highways but you need an official Converse county map to find the few highways that there is...Most of the TBNG land is landlocked by private lands and you may have trouble accessing it at all unless you book with the outfitters who do have access to it....I researched A26 quite a bit and have a friend who lives in Douglas who has confirmed these findings....It would be great if you find a landowner who lets you in with a reasonable trespass fee....If you do you will have a great hunt....

Good luck and hope you get a big one....Let us know how you do,
I'm going to be hunting 26 this year for my first Antelope hunt ever. I don't know the area, but the guy who invited me to join his group has been hunting there for 15 years and has always done well. I wish you luck finding a place to hunt. As mentioned by Randy, its mostly private land and once you find a place, I'm sure you will have a great hunt.

Hey, Thanks MN and 2few......

I found a bunch of ranch owners listed on the Douglas chamber of commerce that may allow hunting for a trespass fee. I am going to start contacting them. I am also headed out there for a vacation trip in a couple of weeks and plan to make s small detour through there and try to line up a place to hunt.

I was hoping more of the national grasslands would be available but have looked at the map and, like you said, there are roads going to it, but they are through private land at some point.

If either of you know any outfitters who hunt the area please let me know. We are looking for a do it yourself hunt for a trespass fee, but if we have to go the outfitter route we will.

Thanks again!!

Don't know any outfitters. Sorry about that. Your idea of a detour through the area while there on vacation sounds like a good one. Perhaps take that list you found on the Chamber website and plot the ranchers location on a map and then go knock on some doors. You might also try calling the CO in the area...he might know some ranchers that will work on a trespass fee basis. Once you find a place, you might want to put a deposit down at the end of your hunt for next year before you leave, then you'd have a place locked in for next year!

Wish you and your buds a great hunt and hope you'll come back and tell us about it.

Thanks for the info, I will check out the link. I got on the Douglas Chamber of Commerce site and found a list of ranchers that allow hunting for a trespass fee.

I am in Custer SD now, on vacation. We are going to spend a day (at least) in Douglas on the way home next weekend. We are going to contact the ranches and hopefully meet up with a couple of ranchers and see if we can get someplace to hunt lined up. We are going to check out public land and access too.

Thanks alot for you help.

A friend and I mistakenly bought tags for Unit 26 instead of unit 29. Of course Wyoming doesn't do any transfers, refunds or exchanges so we bought some more tags for unit 29 and will try to hunt both units in a few weeks.

We have hunted unit 29 before but like some others on this thread, we are having trouble locating any accessible public lands in unit 26.

Is anyone aware of any public access to 26? We would like to hunt somewhere near the town of Bill and we are willing to pay a reasonable trespass fee to a landowner in the area.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!
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