Wyoming unit 102 mule deer advice


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Apr 28, 2013
Knoxville, TN
Got lucky and drew a almost max point unit 102 mule deer tag in Wyoming. I plan on hunting the begging of bow season sept 1 —since I have antelope tag already right before the season starts for bow— for a few days and returning in mid October with my rifle (most likely) if needed. I have been spending a lot of time on onX maps marking spots here and there but Iam not seeing much water down lower (tanks) at all like in other areas. A few major streams however. Up higher around 8500-9000 there is a lot of springs/seeps. Looking for advice on elevations to look at first, noticed there is no where to get away from roads so those areas don’t really exist. Lots of broken country down low where a big buck could hide for years if most people head up on the few areas that are 8000 plus feet. Thanks in advance for any advice, I live in TN and have a packed schedule with work and three weeks of National Guard training packed in before I leave in mid August so scouting will a couple days before hunt unfortunately.