Wyoming trip with the family


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Oct 8, 2009
Waucoma, IA
Had an amazing trip to Wyoming with my wife Jodi, brother in law Lj, and the little man. It was Clayton and Lj's first trip out west hunting antelope. I took my 6.5 SST out with us. 156 Bergers at a mild but stupid accurate 2900 fps. Ive shot several groups in the .1s at 100 and several sub 1/4 moa at 580 yds. The benchmark carbon hammers. Saturday was pretty windy. We spotted a group out at 800 yds but with 20 mph winds we decided to close the distance a bit. Jodi got Clayton bundled up and threw him in her carrier backpack. We were able to sneak to within 460 yds for Lj's first ever doe. I put on 1.2 mil of wind and he 10 ringed her. She went a couple steps and fell over. The group took off and stopped at 540 yds so i twisted the turret a bit more and told him to send it. He dropped that doe as well. We got the quarters, backstraps, and inner loins out right away and on ice. We had seen a big group about a mile up the valley. We figured the little man was due for a nap so he stayed back with his Uncle Lj while Jodi and I set off to fill her tag. We slowly crawled up onto a saddle where we knew we would be overlooking the group in a bowl. There was at least 30 in that group and they were all laying down giving us terrible angles. Quickly glassing the group over there was a really big buck that stuck out above all the others. Heres a buck that looked to be close to that 80" mark at only 550 yds and we didn't have a tag LOL. So we waited and picked out a big doe at 460 and I had Jodi send a 156 berger into her heart. Half the heart was gone. Clayton came with Uncle Lj to inspect the doe and supervise us while we processed it. The next morning we went out and spotted a group in a bowl again. Our friend Blake, Jodi, and I hiked up on top of the saddle and glassed them over. There was a big doe ever so slightly quartering to at 420 yds. I adjusted the scope and Jodi sent one into the shoulder and exited behind the other shoulder. She got up and made it not even 20 yds before tipping over. We walked back down and grabbed Clayton and Uncle Lj. We went up and grabbed it and got some pics. Clayton kept wanting to pet it LOL. After the pics the little man made sure we did a good job processing it and throwing it on ice. After a few dead prairie dogs we got all packed up and said our goodbyes. On the way back we stopped at Cabelas so the little man could stretch his legs. He definitely liked checking out the fish tank. All in all it was another awesome adventure in the books. Huge thank you to Blake and his wife for taking care of us with your amazing hospitality, food, and ranch. Its always great to see you guys and hang out for a few days. Next time the little man will be running around.