wyoming region y


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Apr 18, 2009
headed to wyoming in a couple weeks to the region y area and gonna be staying in buffalo, ive called 2 biologists and neither of them were very helpfull so now im here asking if anyone has any help they would be willing to offer for deer hunting and antelope in 102


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Feb 13, 2011
I'll help ya out cuz there are not alot of people who want to help a guy out anymore. I hunted that area last year for 9 days. Region Y is a general pretty much over the counter tag so alot of hunters in that area but you can find decent deer if you work for them. We walked out of there with a 150" and a 170" but we covered alot of ground. Finding deer was not the problem it was finding mature deer that was tough. Do your homework and dig deep and put some miles on the leather and you will do ok. If your gonna drive around and hunt within walking distance of the truck you might be disapointed.