Wyoming Region B


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Feb 14, 2020
Good afternoon everyone. My dad, brother, and myself just put into the draw for a pronghorn hunt this fall. If we draw we plan on hunting around the Lusk area. I am debating on applying for a deer tag as well. We will be out there for 8 or 9 days so I was thinking if we got lucky and filled a lope tag I could finish our trip out on a mule deer adventure. I’m looking at region B and possible hunting areas 9 or 11. I would be hunting public land. I’m not asking for specifics other than how’s these areas for mule deer and how are the populations? I’ve got a couple mule deer points so I’m not opposed to saving them and finding better areas later on. I should have mentioned first, we are from Missouri and have only hunted midwest whitetails. This is all new to us but we are going for the experience and to have a good time. Getting a pronghorn or muley would just be a bonus. What’s everyone’s thoughts on these area’s for mule deer? Thanks for any input.