Wyoming hunting trip. Need help/advice


Jul 1, 2008
About to apply for the 2010 season. I want to hunt deer and antelope. I've been looking at antelope 30 and deer region j general license to hunt #65 because they both overlap with season and land.

I'm a nonresident with no preference points. Does anyone have advice on what numbers to apply for? Also, if for my 1st 2nd and 3rd choice for deer I put in for a limited quota area and don't get it, will I be able to buy a general license in July?

If theres anything else you think I should know it would help alot.

Thanks in advance.
For antelope, you will need to apply for the specific area that you want to hunt. For deer, I think all you have to do is apply for the region tag, at least that is what I have done in the past when I hunted deer in Wyoming.

Once the tags go on sale in July you can buy one then if there are any leftover tags available. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere in the reg's for deer that you can get 2 deer tags one of which you have to shoot a whitetail buck.

Have you gotten any BLM maps of the area you want to hunt? If not that would be a good decision and they only cost about $4 each.

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If you plan on trying to hunt public land, the BLM maps are very, very good. Much better than the Forest Service maps or Atlas type maps. We can get two buck tags, as long as one is used on a whitetail deer. Last year, some of the areas even allowed two buck antelope tags. Alot of areas allow 2 to 4 additional doe fawn tags also.
I plan to do a similar hunt in WY in 2010. Your plan should work. Some regions will have leftover tags after the draw. Some antelope zones will also have leftover tags if you don't draw right off. The wyoming Fish and Game website should have information on whether the tags all went in the draw last year.
good luck.
You can get two buck tags but be careful because the whitetail tags are for late season hunts and some do not overlap with the general seasons. Late season i mean november october is the general season.
You can get two buck tags but be careful because the whitetail tags are for late season hunts

Guys, I was not aware of this wonderful opportunity. Are you sure? Even for non-residents?

The way I am reading the regs, any person can apply for a type 3 "any whitetail deer" tag AFTER the initial drawing. Valid in areas 11-15, 22-24, 26-27, 51, 65-66, 88, 167.

In areas 11-15 and 167, the type 3 tag is good from Oct. 1 to Nov 30. (During the general deer season and for another month and 1/2 after.)

It sounds to me like "only one buck tag can be received on the initial draw" whitetail or muley. After the initial draw, a person can apply or purchase a type 3 license, which would qualify as a whitetail buck license.

The info I am looking at is under "Issuance of deer and antelope limited quota licenses" in the deer hunting regulations.
Yeah, I ended up finding that after your suggestion. On first look, I didn't see an area of interest or that I knew enough about...so far.

Any thoughts on that? I'd love to extend my WY season.
The Cheyenne River is in area 11. I've got some land in area 11, and know some other landowners in area 11 too. We've been seeing whitetail on a regular basis during October in this area.
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