Wyoming Gillette area


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Jun 29, 2009
Anyone have info for public land owners for area 17. the SO and I are thinking we may take on the task of wacking a few white rumped praire rockets this Oct.

I have never done an open country type hunts but am confident in my rifle skills and heck it sounds like a ton of fun. I have been hunting whitetail for 2 decades now and over the last 5 years mostly archery for whitetail and black bear. I have a Savage 110 in 270 win and my SO has a rem 798 in 270 win as well. I know I can hit easy at over 300. She has some pretty good skill as well.

What are the tactics most use? I think most do spot and stalk from what I have read. Does anyone use a ground blind and wait it out?

I am doing my homework and have WIA maps for the area and BLM maps on the way. A BLM corrospdent had informed me that the public land in the area is usually land locked thus the reason I am asking for the land owners listing.

Anyone got any good advice I am all ears. Thanks
I hunt just south of gellette at a area called Jm you have to pass it on your way to gellette !! FRomthere the ranch and walk in is to the west about 15 miles ! the first year i was there i met about 4 ranchers in the area . this is what you need to do just go and talk to the ranchers !!!! They know where all the animals are !!! This year Iam going to try and get my muley !! And as for ground blinds I have seen only one and it was not used the whole time i was there . Which was for 2 full weeks sopt and stalk is the maine way to hunt there !! hope this helps and good luck on your hunt !!!!!
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