Wyoming, application dilemma !


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Aug 20, 2006
Missouri Ozarks
I have decided to apply for unit 73 as a first choice. I have 1 preference point and it looks like I will have a shot at drawing but I would like to have a backup plan just in case! I was planning on having a hunting partner but he backed out the other day so I will be hunting solo and camping.

I'm having a hard time deciding on 2nd. & 3rd. choice units to apply for. I have looked at the areas and drawing odds and looked at every applicable thread I can find on here and just can't decide. I have much more time than money and I don't think I'll have any problem scheduling at least 2 weeks off. I would prefer to hunt in September.

Any information or recommendations on areas and or campsites are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

The way the draw works is that they award tags based on everyone's first choice picks and then go back through everyone's 2nd choice. So the only way you can draw a 2nd choice tag is if there are less first choice applicants than tags available. With a regular tag, there are not very many units with decent public access that have more tags than first choice applicants. The special tags give you more options. Choices are considerably less for 3rd choice.
I picked 73 last year with 0 preference points, and 72 as a 2nd choice. I ended up hunting 72. On the 3rd day of glassing we saw one that we thought was a shooter. We put him to bed and I shot him the next morning. It wasn't as big as we thought, and not as big as the one that I shot the previous year in 73. But, we saw many antelope in the 13"- high 14" range, probably over a hundred in those 3 days. I hunted the 3rd week of Sept, and only saw 2 other hunters.

I have 72 on my list as a possible along with 71, 53, 83 and 42 all type 1 plus 47 & 48 type 2. It looks like these areas will all provide at least some chance of drawing as a 2nd. choice. I figured after the 2nd. choice I would just pick one of the others at random for 3rd. My main concern is decent public access. I should have time to look for a really nice buck wherever I end up. I have one on the wall that is just under 80" and would like to top him if possible, if not that is OK too but his cape is damaged and I need a replacement.

Please keep the recommendations coming!

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I hunted 47 type 2 last year and had a great hunt, but you don't have any chance of drawing a regular tag there as 2nd choice. The way the draw works is that unused PP tags convert to the random draw as part of assigning 1st choices - so to determine if there are 2nd choice tags available, you need to look at the random demand odds. Of the choices you mentioned - 42, 71, and 53 are really the only viable ones. 42 and 71 have almost no public land, so I personally would take my chances with 53.

Good luck.
The 82 was a typo! I meant to type 83, just fat fingered it. From looking at the drawing odds from 2009 it looks like it's tough to draw anything as a 2nd. choice except the units with no public access. I really appreciate the info!

If you end up with 72 or 74 (or any other area between Casper and Shoshoni) I can line you up with some private property access.
46 and 47 type 2 both are good areas. With public land. Area 42 and 45 has way to much private land. That all I know!!
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