Wyoming Antelope Hunt-Pics Added


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Mar 10, 2006
I also reposted so you guys could come back and see the pic.

I recently went on an antelope hunt with Tyler Simms Outfitters in unit 42, about an hour NW of Laramie.

Tyler is a nice young man,23yrs old, as are his guides.

It is an Awesome deal. I did some research and found unit 42 in Eastman's Hunting Journal MRS section and it is labeled a blue chip area. This means that is a trophy area.
The hunt includes 3 days hunting, all meals, 2x1guide, and transportation during the hunt.
It is also on all private land!! The camp house is nice and clean as well.

The hunt costs $1400 for everything.

My buddy and I both got a buck and doe tag and filled them both.

My buddy shot a freak with horns sticking straight out.

I shot a nice 14" buck, at 600yds in a 2/3 value 30mph wind. He dropped in his tracks.
There were bigger ones, but I just got an itchy trigger finger and couldn't resist. It was my first antelope.

The best thing is that Tyler is extremely

In fact he is building a long range 338 to help promote long range shooting and will have the rifle available for hunters to try.

Here's his website:


Here's a pic:
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That is one cooooooooooooolllllllllllll picture!!!
Congratulations. I really like the way the bucks left eye looks.
600 yards.....30mph wind....you're a better man than me. I would have passed on that shot as I don't have the skills to dope that much wind.
Yeah it was a very strong wind, but it was steady. I never would have tried the shot in strong gusty winds. I've shot in the wind alot this year to get ready for the hunt and everything felt right as I was behind the rifle setting up for the shot.

After I shot the buck, I shot a doe with a direct 30mph crosswind at 410 yards and put it right behind the shoulder. She dropped in her tracks as well.

I am fortunate to have a very good shooting rifle. It is my Stockade built Savage 7WSM with an aluminum tensioned barrel. I'm shooting the 162 amax at 3030fps. I've often shot 1.25-1.5" 3 shot groups with it at 565yds.

It also shoots cold bore shots very consistently, which is a confidence builder.
It would be awesome to be able to hit one on the run. I need to be laying down on the bipod all set up.

The rifle has been awesome. It shoots like a dream.
Of course I may sell it and go on to the next project. I am a major tinkerer and once I get one shooting, I can't wait to get another one going.
Rock, awesome shot.
Most areas I hunt have winds in the 15 - 35mph category. It's important to pay attention to up/down drafts and shots across ridges, ravines and canyons. Congratulations and a great photo.

Rock, I dont think I would try a running shot at 600 yds. My farthest was about 90... just swung through like shooting at a bird and lead by a body legnth... she piled right up... it was a hoot :)

> The most insane shot on an antelope I've ever seen was a few years ago.

The day started out terrible. Three stalks, bad luck. The last stalk, the plan was for me to shoot the one standing doe, we stumbled onto the herd at 100yd, and mannaged not to spook them. We managed to set up with just our barrels sticking out of the grass. After my shot the rest would stand up, and the cousin would shoot the buck he'd picked. Almost, drilled the doe, and the cousin missed. The antelope must have been confused somehow, they ran in a crescent that would have run us over. I couldn't get up fast enough. My cousin stood, ran his bolt on a fresh round, the antelope turned just in front of us. The cousin, swung and shot from the hip. He tumbled a nice buck at 17yds, with an amazing neck shot. That gets the adrenalin dumped in your system!
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