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Feb 28, 2008
Northern, IN
Looking to gain as much info as I can for my first mule deer hunt. I am thinking about spending my 2 points on unit 37 but not sure about that yet, I may keep getting points for a different unit. What would you guys consider a good general hunt region? Thinking Y, since it has lots of good high county from what I have read. With lots of deer up there. But how easy is it to access this country without horses? Is there a better choice for a easy tag? WHat do you think would be a good area to cut our teeth on?
With 2 PPs I'd either put in for LQ unit 37 or down in Region G or H if you want a neat high country hunt. The unit 37 hunt would not have nearly the pressure that G & H would have though because they are on a general tag for residents and they get pounded. The high country your'e talking about in Region Y is more elk habitat and is in the northern half of the Region and although there are deer there it's not easy hunting, especially for a newbie. I'd go down in the southern units west of Kaycee in Y for deer and it can be done with no PPs. You could put in for 37 or one of the southern Regions and then Y as a second choice. If you get your first choice you burn your PPs, but if you don't you'd get a Y tag and keep your PPs. You could then buy a 3rd PP this year to have 3 going into the draw in 2014 that may be real expensive if these fees they are proposing go through. Hope that helps a little.
37 is in M not Y and the advice about hunting Y is very questionable as unless you know someone,go with a guide or spend a lot of time scouting your chances are very slim of taging anything bigger than a fork=The best places in Y to hunt are either privet or landlocked. I live here and try to avoid the west side of the Bighorns.
Have not hunted 37 but shot a good buck out of 36 last year on my way to hunt 35.
Not much help with where to use your points as residents dont aquire them but I sure wouldnt waste much time in Y....there is a reason there are usualy leftover tags for that area!
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