SOLD/EXPIRED WTT/WTS Custom Rem 700 .308


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Aug 25, 2009
I have a rifle that came back from the gunsmith. The rifle is a Remington 700, It has about 200 rounds through it. I ended up having the barrel replaced with a 5R 308 barrel. The barrel has a 11 degree crown on it, and the barrel measures 26" long and has the M24 (Army Sniper Rifle) contour. The barrel was trued to the receiver.

The bolt has been lapped and the Sako extractor installed (better than the standard Remington extractor). The recoil lug was replaced with the heavier recoil lug. Tactical Bolt knob. The action has also been blueprinted and trued. Stock is fitted at 12 3/4 LOP.

The rifle also has not been shot since the gunsmith completed it. The new barrel and action has been Duracoated. The gunsmith work was done by Northern Rifle Accurizing. It has a Ken Ferrel 10 MOA scope base. Would prefer FTF NorCal. Would like to get 1500.00 OBO. open for trades 1st choice FN A1 SPR .308, DBMag, A3 Stock, or a nice Lighter weight Hunting rifle. of the same caliber or .308 AR or something of the same value. shipping on your dime

Scope, rings, bipod & stock pack not included






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