WTT: Winchester 70 7mm WSM Synthetic w/steel bottom metal


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Apr 19, 2019
Weatherford, Texas
Wanting to trade for a New Haven Winchester 70 .473" L/A, caliber is not relevant, wanting to build a 6.5x280 Ackley. It can be a stripped action, as long as it has the bolt and original Winchester trigger.

The 7mm WSM is a New Haven controlled round push feed, has blued PT&G steel bottom metal, synthetic stock and 24" barrel, rifling looks crisp, unknown round count and I have no clue how it shoots, I only bought it to build off of.

The trade I am most interested in is the L/A Winchester 70 action, but I might consider a L/A Remington 700 or Tikka with the standard .473" bolt face.

Detailed pictures to those that are interested in trading, not interested in selling it outright. We both pay shipping for delivery.