SOLD/EXPIRED WTT --Stuff for M700 Take Off Barrel

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    Set of NightForce 20 MOA Tapered Bases for a Win. M70 LA--$50 plus shipping
    3 piece(pants, blouse and hat w/veil)Ghillie suit based on a Medium Regular set of woodland camo BDUs. Is in good shape, but has been worn enough to break it in. Wore it through the NGB Scout Sniper school. Back is sewn with netting from a military camo net without the plastic cabbage and hand tied with burlap that was completely stripped down to strings. Suit was washed and completely cleaned since last use. Some of the burlap was dyed but most is natural jute brown. Front of suit is heavy canvas for crawling/stalking. Holes cut inside of back of blouse for ventilation. Canvas wrap with straps for storage while not in use. Excellent suit, spent 60+ hours making it, but have a new one and don't need it anymore... Photos available for serious inquiries. Will take $75 plus shipping

    Will trade either item for a varmint/PSS taper NEW take off barrel for a M700--chambering not really too important, but prefer .223 or .308..
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    Feb 7, 2002
    Hey Chris!
    I have a stainless 7mm RUM barrel (magnum contour) that I'd be willing to trade, if you're interested. Email me!
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    Guess I should have mentioned I need the barrel for a Short Action M700--Thanks