WTT - Semi Custom 300 rum for similar value 270, 280, 280ai


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Dec 20, 2017
Putting out feelers for a trade. Looking to trade a Semi Custom 300 RUM for a Similar value 270 win/280/280AI class rifle.

This one is a Rem 700 AWR which in stock form has 18 rounds down the tube. It was then sent to the gunsmiths and he added a muzzle break (gentry - matches barrel diameter) Timney trigger set at 3#, and opened it up for a Wyatts extended mag (3.85" I believe). I sold the Graeboe stock and replaced it with a Edge McMillan Hunter. Rifle also has 1" Talley LTWT mounts. Weighs 7 pounds 2 oz as described. I am into this over $2300 with gunsmithing.

Looking to conceed a bit and trade into something along the lines of a Kimber Accent, Field Craft, Christensen Ridgeline, ect in one of the cartridges listed above. Not interested in any other types of trades.

I can email or text pictures of my rifle as needed. All work was done by Elite Rifle Works in Nampa Idaho.



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