SOLD/EXPIRED WTT my Lefty Stiller custom .284!!!

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by jcvibby, Dec 13, 2011.

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    Mar 30, 2008
    Hey Guys, I have a beautiful .284 on a long action rifle for trade.

    Here are the specs. This rifle package and everything included is brand new other than the folding buttstock which has seen a couple matches. The chasis system is brand new.

    Stiller Predator (lonestar) long action.
    -Fluted bolt
    -Sako extractor
    -Tac oversized bolt knob
    -Murphy Precision 20MOA custom LA base

    Barrel is a Rock creek rem sendero contour 1-8.7 twist at 26 inches long. ready to go for the 162 amax's. It would also work great for any of the heavy bullets. Threaded 5/8x24 with tactical HK muzzle brake. It will also come with matching muzzle thread protector cap. Everything built by Harold Fredd and holds a 1/2 MOA guarantee.

    Included is 1K 162 AMAX bullets.
    -350 Win .284 cases. These cases are completely prepped and ready to go.
    --Full length sized
    --Primer pocket cleaned and uniformed
    --Flash hole cleaned and deburred, inside and out.
    --trimmed to specs
    --Chamfered inside and out.
    --Primed with Fed 210Match primers.

    Will also come with a set of dies for your further enjoyment.

    XLR industries Long action Chasis system Stock
    -OD green anodizing
    -ACE folding butt stock
    -4 Rails on front tube.
    -tactical butt stock, adjustable every way possible.
    -3 AI Mags included.

    I love this platform, its super solid and has some awesome features.

    I dont have a trigger in this currently because it just got finished today. I can include a rem 700 old style trigger tuned to 2 LBS.

    Here is my situation. I built this rifle because it was exactly what I wanted with the best of materials and quality parts. The day after I found out this rifle was headed back to me completed, I found out all the matches in my area are moving to short action only matches non magnum.

    SO, I would like to trade for a short action gun. Complete package like I am giving. I will need everything from start to finish. But we could work out the details as well. I have no problem taking money on my end or giving money on my end. I would like it to be a tactical gun like this I can continue to use for matches. I am up in the air on caliber right now. Let me know what you have. 260,6.5x47, 6.5 creed,7-08, 243,284 on a short action? 308 possibly.

    I could sell but I have not thought that far ahead right now. If your interested let me know.

    Thanks for looking and have a blessed day.