WTT Leica Ultravid 3.5-10x43


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Feb 10, 2005
Rainy Western Washington
This scope was sitting unused on a 308 in my safe for years and it’s time it finds a new home. I’m looking to trade for a differnt scope for a bull barreled 6.5 Creedmoor I have coming.

It’s been hunted and has a few small dings in the finish but no scratches, rig marks or anything major that I can recall. It’s amazingly clear as all the higher end Leicas are. It has a duplex reticle and will include the butler creek caps that it has worn since I got it.

I am looking for something of equal value in the 3-5 to 5-25ish power range. Trades can include cash or extras as needed to even out a trade so don’t feel shy about making an offer.

I initially paid close to $1400 for this scope but feel it’s value used it in the $950ish range. If I am out to lunch on value feel free to pm me.


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