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Feb 23, 2011
Remington 788 in .222. Has a clip feed. Comes with a scope mount. Rear sight had been removed when I got it and is not there. Metal/blueing on the action and barrel is in good condition. Two small marks on top of the barrel is all I see and those are super small. Bottom stamped metal parts had slight surface rust but has been cleaned up well. Stock has some handling marks, dings and scratches. It is not a safe queen but a great usable rifle that doesnt appear to be shot much.

1968 Ithaca Model 37 Featherweight Deerslayer in 20ga. Has a smoothbore slug barrel with rifle sights on it. I would consider it in good condition. Also a user gun and not a safe queen. Nice old hard to find gun with this barrel on it.

I would like to use one of these guns as a trade or partial trade for a quality scope. What I am looking for is something in the range of 2.5x-14x (2.5-10, 4.5-14 etc), matte finish, would prefer 42-50mm and also would like a 30mm tube if possible but not a deal breaker. Illuminated reticle is even better. It will be used as an all weather medium to medium long range hunting scope. Leaning toward a Bushnell 4200, 6500, Ziess or upper end Leupold. Not totally opposed to others so it wont hurt to ask. I do have pics of both guns I can send to your email or text to your phone. Please provive number or email address.

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