WTT Gap Tempest 6.5 wsm


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Feb 10, 2005
Rainy Western Washington
i got this earlier this spring and just am not really shooting it so it’s up for trade. I am looking to trade for another custom auctioned hunting rifle, probably in a wsm or magnum don’t have my mind set on any specific caliber.

The rebarrel was done by Benchmark and currently has 200 rounds fired and is in very nice shape. There is a little bit of wear to the cerakote on the bolt handle and a few small dings in the stock from use.

It shoots the 143 eld-x and R26 at 3250fps into the .2-.3’s. Haven’t really worked with it past that.

- Gap Tempest Action with 20 Moa rail
- Benchmark 1:8 #5 @27” with a 2 port brake.
- Jewel trigger currently set at 2 #’s
- Seekins DBM with push button release
- McMillan HTG with adjustable cheek piece.
- (2) 3 rd Accurate Mag wsm magazines.

I also have Redding competition die set and 100rds of Norma 270wsm brass that is necked down and fireformed.

In the interest of disclosure the bedding looks like hell and needs redone but the rifle shoots well enough I haven’t bothered yet.

** NF rings, NXS scope and Atlas bipod not included but may be able to work into package deal**

Rings and scope can be included if your rifle has scope and rings. The rings are NF ultralight lows, scope is an nxs 3.5-15 mlr with HS and ZS.


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